What makes you decide to follow someone on Github?

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If you have an active Github account, I'm curious to know what makes you decide to follow someone on Github? Must she/he be someone you're working with or just appreciate one of the projects she/he created?

I've been building open source projects for about a year now but had a Github account since about 4 years now. Since then I have accumulated a whopping - wait for it - 25 followers. More than half of them are my close friends 🙈

I feel like Github could expand some of the networking on Github, maybe even creating a news feed of sorts to promote new projects.

Some of the top projects I have contributed to are Pixel UI Kit (216 stars), Windows 95 UI Kit (146 stars + got viral on HN) and Neumorphism UI (114 stars + #4 product of the day on PH).

What is your Github account, who and why do you follow and what are some of your awesome projects you have been working on? Let us know!

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Github is a great tool for finding interesting projects, and I have a weirdly intense usage pattern with their issue trackers (really love ticking off check boxes!)... But the social functionality seems underdeveloped. For now I'm sticking to dev.to and LinkedIn when I want to meet technical people ! Feedback and interactions just feel like they have a higher quality here.


Yea, I also have been feeling that Github lacks in networking. LinkedIn seems to be getting worse every month in terms of spam to be honest, so I stick mostly with dev.to. The community is awesome here! 😊