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Neeraj Kashyap
Neeraj Kashyap

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Bugout is a knowledge base for programmers. It's a great place to take notes for yourself, or to share with your team.

You can integrate Bugout with your code editor, your GitHub repositories, and your Slack workspaces. This makes it easy easy to add knowledge to your knowledge base directly - and automatically - from those sources.

You can sign up and start using it for free at

After you sign up and verify your email, you should see a Personal journal with a document on how to get started. It will also help you set up the integrations with VSCode, GitHub, or Slack if you are interested in those.

Quick demo of the VSCode integration:
Bugout in VSCode

Quick demo of Slack integration:
Bugout in Slack

The power of Bugout is in collaboration, and you can create small teams (of up to 5 people) for free to share knowledge with.

You can create teams on your Account screen (get there by clicking on your username in the top right), and then add these teams to journals on the journal settings screen (little gear icon next to each journal name). Really useful for shared projects, especially with our Slack integration.

I'd really appreciate any feedback that you have, and will work quickly to fix any issues. Thank you!

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Mateusz Jarzyna

Imo you should add some screenshots to the blog post

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Neeraj Kashyap Author • Edited on

Thanks for the advice @mateuszjarzyna ! Just added some gifs of Bugout in action.

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The gifs show how to setup integrations but an example could help me understand what this product does.

For example a lot of people have a minimal documentation if any and plenty of discussions at github issues. Sometimes the answer is in the description of the issue, in the last comment or somewhere in the middle or in the...5th duplicate issue :)

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Neeraj Kashyap Author • Edited on

Good suggestion @nickmaris . We are working on examples of the knowledge Bugout pulls on GitHub. Will follow up when they are ready.

You know, you have a good point about where you can find answers in GitHub issues. We did a small experiment last year that showed that emoji use is a good indicator of how useful a comment is on GitHub issues.

Based on this experiment, I stood up a little application that lets you summarize public GitHub issues from emoji reactions: :)

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Neeraj Kashyap Author

@nickmaris :

Took your suggestion and started creating content showing what Bugout does and how it helps in day-to-day development:

Thank you again for your feedback, I really appreciate it. :)