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5 ReactJS libraries to make life fun and easy

If you are a React beginner or just looking for some good Libraries/Components to use in your app, I have curated a categorised collection of React Libraries and Components at which i keep updating and also send newsletter every week to notify about the cool libraries/components in React community.

Here i curate a list of 5 libraries that you might find fun and easy to work with

1. React Helmet :

react-helmet is a reusable component for html head. It allows you to set meta tags dynamically that will be read by search engines and social media crawlers.Which in turn helps your website's SEO. In SPA(single page apps), SEO is the hard part because we use same html page throughout the website. React Helmet lets us dynamically override the meta tags of its parent page from a leaf page.Good thing about it is, it takes plain HTML tags and outputs plain HTML tags and is dead simple.

2. Motion :

Motion is a simple animation and gesture API from the Framer X team. It has a simple declarative API which makes it easy to create smooth animations and even complex animations can be created with minimal amount of code. It is so simple to animate using this library, you just need to set final css values on the animation prop and voila.

3. React-Toastify :

react-toastify makes you add notifications to your website so simple and easy that you barely need a minute to set it up and running. Cool thing about this library is you can go to their website, customise your notification toast visually and just take the code from it and plug it your app. Animation and transitions are so smooth and they are responsive as well

4. React Credit Cards:

react-credit-cards slick credit card component will make your website checkout look fun and cool.This component is very easy to setup and plug in your app.You will get a good looking card checkout in your app, which definitely will impress your users and gives them seamless experience on your app.

5. React-Switch-Input :

react-switch-input is a simple switch component, which simulates the ios switch.Using this is as simple as adding <Switch/> to your component. It is a small library that you use to add this effect to your website/app form.

Well that's it from me folks. Hope you like the list.

These libraries and components can also be found on the website

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