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Nevertheless, zuzanadostalova Coded

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I am a biochemist (MSc. in Genomics and Proteomics at the Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic) who loves learning new things, languages in particular, so it felt natural to me to start learning how to code in Python. Up until then, I haven't had any experience with coding whatsoever. I have started to self-study Python at home while looking for an opportunity to put the gained knowledge to use. I was very lucky to have found a team in which I could learn Python while creating tutorials for fellow bioinformaticians. What I really appreciate about this work is that every workday is completely different, that it's possible to rectify your mistakes, and how helpful as well as supportive the coding community is. It’s quite challenging but I am really enthusiastic about this new chapter of my life.

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This is a wonderful insight into a different world, please continue to post more about #python in the bio world!

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