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6 Tools I always install on Windows

I'm posting this because got a comment from @tetri lol

To be honest, I'm not really using a Windows machine. Sometimes use it.

If you know anything useful, please tell me!!!

1. Visual Studio Code

I tried some editors/IDE for Windows. Eventually, reached vscode.

2. Cmder

Windows machine has Command prompt, but it doesn't allow me to use basic linux/unix commands, so don't use it.

3. Visual Studio

I don't write c# and use .NET, but I need Visual Studio for openFrameworks and build codes.

4. VirtualBox

Generally, I don't like to click buttons, so just avoid clicking many times.

5. 7-Zip

A thing I always wish if Mac has this since 7z can save my storage.

6. CCleaner

To keep clean my machine as much as possible, but not really sure that this software really helps to do that lol. However, I used to f*** up registry keys and had a tough time. So avoid touching them lol.


I don't know still alive or not.
Winamp is the only thing I miss Windows machine.

Things need a GPU
Software for devices (zed camera etc)

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Nando AM

Winamp is still alive (kind of).

prashantjyoti_ profile image

Cmder is great, I have started using it. Thank you!

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glad to hear that!