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Learn Programming Language

How can i learn programming language as a beginner. I have no experience in coding

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Merdan Durdyyev • Edited

If you have no previous experience in programming, I would definitely recommend starting with Python. Because it is:

  • Easy to learn, grasp
  • English like syntax
  • Tons, megatons of resources online

I usually start with Youtube videos. Besides just reading a tutorial, video tutorials make you feel like someone is teaching beside you. It makes me feel like that person is near me and teaching me in person. And yet, you can see live examples of teaching and a working demo.

Older languages like C/C++, Java, or even maybe Javascript may feel overwhelming after a short while when you start learning. All those tiny details like various brackets, semicolons, commas, quotes, double quotes, escape signs make you weary as a beginner learner.

Python is the best option for you.

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Merdan has some good suggestions. I would like to add on to that. You should aim to write a lot of code by yourself. Following tutorials can be a good start, but if you never write any code yourself you're not learning to solve the problems. Just like math, you can't just follow along the lecture and expect to know it all afterwards. You need to solve the problems in the book as well.

It is always ok to ask for help, but don't ask for a complete solution to the whole problem. That defeats the purpose of it (at least when the goal is to learn). Try to be as specific as possible when explaining what you are struggling with.