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I was working on 10secondsofcode like snippets for javascript, reactjs, but open source and completely free to the awesome community.

The current stack is:

Reactjs 16.6 for frontend
Symfony4 for backend

So I want some help in easily writing the in React and javascript snippets.

I really hope to provide an open source website to the community that have all the features the current non open source website have.

Here is a GitHub organization for 10secondsofcode.

Please if you are interested in contribution reply here, so we can start ;)

** Repo :**

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This is an interesting idea! I've never seen the 10 seconds of code concept before. Is this project specific to learning React? I would love to contribute if so.


Yes, we can learning react and share our views.

@lv thanks for your help.


I dont see any symfony-related code in the repo. Although i would be interested in helping within symfony, as it's what i use daily 🤓


yes @joppedc . Thanks for your help. Once UI setup and start to develop symfony4.

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