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Billionar Dollar App Ideas

This is my first post and these are just some crazy ideas to think about. Let your imagination flow and please leave some feedback. I am aware that the title is clickbait, but we all have to start somewhere.

Idea A: Gun Mapper

Shootings! How could you possibly stop them? Well, you can't necessarily stop them, but you can avoid them. Imagine a mobile app that enables you to detect guns on a map in real time. Never be a victim to those road rage shootings or mass shootings.

Idea B: Sum Sum TV

Vidangel is an awesome service that enables you to filter the scenes you don't want to watch in movies or series, but what if, you could skip watching all together? Welcome, Sum Sum TV, an app that can summarize content for you. Never binge watch again or waste hours of your life trying to catch up to some social trend.

Idea C: Kaizen Essence

Imagine mining crypto through the use of an EEG headset. Think of the muse headband, but instead of gaining muse points, you get tokens that can be traded with other cryptocurrencies.

Idea D: Clothe Thyself

When you go shopping at a clothing store, you have the added advantage of trying the clothes on in a fitting room. When shopping online you simply go by the pictures and start thinking to yourself, "I will definitely look cool,once I order these clothes." Mind visualization has its limits, but you dont have to visualize it.Meet, Clothe thyself, an application that enables you to create a hyperrealistic 3D model of yourself. This model can be used across various Ecommerce sites.Clothe thyself is cross platform app that utilizes the power of Extended Reality Technology (VR, AR, & MR). This would make a pretty dope Saas.

Idea E: Ultimatum Izen

A universal name generator. Generate words across different languages, dictionaries, slang and just about anything. Generate names for your business, internet alias, internet username, app idea and just about anything. Never go online to search for individual name generator because its all inclusive.

Idea F: Eye-C TV

A Dapp that rewards users for watching TV. Available on all smart TV systems (Android TV, Fire TV, Apple TV and other). People waste almost half of their lifespan glued to screens, watching all sorts of things, but never get rewarded for that time. Think of it as the Basic Attention Token of Television.

Idea G: Stela Ricetta

A mobile application that contains all the food recipes of every restaurant on planet Earth.

Idea H: Onesto Meditate

A mobile app with an ever expanding library of honest meditations. If this is your first time listening to this, you will appreciate it. This is what i am talking about...

Idea I: Profound Doma

An application that enables people to communicate through EEG headsets. Its not too crazy, considering EEG headsets can practically read your mind. EEG headsets can read your mind and visually display what you are thinking about in real time. Here is the evidence

Idea J: Gregoria Canctus

An application that can generate Gregorian chants.

Idea K: Sekai Joshi

A mobile dictionary with an AMOLED theme. I bet you wont find a dictionary on the Play store or App Store, with a pitchblack theme.

Idea L: Tikiti Maji

A mobile version of the Wolfram Tone Generator. Its computer generated music, but this one is older than Artifical Intelligence Virtual Artist (AIVA) and it was built in the Wolfram programming language. Play around, its fun:

Idea M: Anno Denomini

An application that encompasses all Christian denominations into one. Experience it all from the comfort of your home. Roman Catholic, Baptist, Mormon, Evangelical,Protestant, Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican,Methodistโ€ฆ..

Idea N: App Monger Planet

First ever decentralized cross platform application store.Install apps for Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, All Linux Distros, Chrome OS & Fushia OS...all from a single place.

Idea O: Escaping North Korea

A game that sounds exactly like the title. The objective is escape. Because why not?

Idea P: Stellar Tatakai

A mobile fighting game that combines all the famous mobile game characters into one. Its like the Playstation All Stars Battle Royale for Mobile.

Idea Q: Friendly Vibes

An application that combines all those cool features across different social networks into one.

Idea R: Noted Binder

A mobile application that helps you share notes, quiz answers and test answers in class. No student left behind,its not cheating, its collaboration.

Idea S: Fanatic TTS

A text to speech app that enables you to read books or any text using someone else's voice (celebrity, friends, vocaloid- hatsune miku)

Idea T: Peever Pet Pet

A mobile application that enables users to create lip sync videos using their pets. Tik Tok for pets, but can you possibly spy on pets?

Idea U: Dobio Pomocci

An application that works while you sleep. Think of it as a clone of yourself. Inspired by the Lookism Manhwa.

Idea V: Yakkety Quire

A search tool for the medium website. Filter option available: Year, user... Searching for stuff on Medium is a pain. You will rarely see new posts on the top and its just disorganized.

Idea W: Raggamuffin Slay

A reggae music generator

Idea X: Devlingo X

The Google translate of programming languages. Translate Kotlin to Dart( no problem). Translate to the target language and also translate vice versa. JS to Go, Python to Ruby, Julia to Wolfram, C++ to Java. Any combination you can think of this tool can handle it (error free).

Idea Y: Doma Dingus

A cross platform open source motion graphics tool.

Idea Z: Proto Excelsis

A cross platform open source prototyping tool with offline editing capabilities (Figma offline).

Idea 1: DevDocs Dv_d

An offline mobile app containing multiple programming language and framework documentation. Flutter, Python, Dart,Go, you name it, it's all in there.

Idea 2: Mitch_K0t0

A Kalimba tablature app. You can create and import kalimba tabs.

Idea 3: Taradiddle Poodle

A mobile steganography app. Encrypt & decrypt images with hidden messages.

Idea 4: Polyglot_Chat

A cross platform chatting app for polyglots.

Idea 5: Crypto_Joff

An application that enables you to mine cryptocurrency tokens through the act of autoeroticism. This is possible by connecting your device to a smart sex toy. These tokens can be traded for other cryptocurrencies.

Idea 6: Jollof Kingdom

A comic book database similar to Myanimelist. Includes Manhua, Manhwa,Manga, Webtoons & Webcomics.

Idea 7: Reedsy Book Editor

A mobile app for the Reedsy website (editing and writing books on the go)

Idea 8: Youtube Subcap

An application that lets you download youtube subtitles without having to watch the video.You'll save plenty of time and you wont go down the YouTube rabbit hole.

Idea 9: Peaceful Palaestra

An application that tracks your donations. Think of it as a social media platform that indicates all the donations that you have made.

Idea 10: Clickbait Gen

A clickbait title generator that generates clickbait titles based on the keywords you feed it

Idea 11: Hakaide

An offline mobile IDE

Idea 12: Cloud Exosphere

A multicloud storage browser that feels and behaves like a regular file manager.

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Karan Gandhi • Edited


Will just summarize my thoughts

Idea B is basically wikipedia or twitter with spoilers
I have heard of Idea D. Someone had floated this to me years back. :eyeroll: . I think it exists
Idea K should exist.
Idea Q is running your own forums with 100 mods
Idea X gives me nightmares (cordova developer here)
Idea 1 is basically man pages
Idea 3 is overdone. Lot of stegano applications
Idea 5 is a gold mine
Idea 6 exists. Lot of apps with multiple comic sources. Google Play shuts them down as soon as they get published

33nano profile image

Awesome observation and thanks for your marvelous insight

karandpr profile image
Karan Gandhi

You have a good imagination man :).

mauro_codes profile image
Mauro Garcia

Eye-C TV is in a black mirror episode and, spoiler alert, did not end well ๐Ÿ˜‚

33nano profile image

Hmmm, interesting. Didn't even know about that. Thanks for pointing that out.

nathn profile image

Ok, I love the Noted Binder idea

33nano profile image

It does surprise me, that its not a thing. School isnt even about learning, its all about getting good grades. I know this because i aced my using nothing, but Quizlet & Spark Notes.