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Stephanie Eckles
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Call For Contributors: Show Off and Improve Your CSS Skills!


⏰ Pre-launch submissions should be created as PRs into the main branch by Wednesday (7/8) evening so there's time to review and make adjustments.

✨ I'm looking at launching Style Stage at noon Friday (US Central time) via Twitch

Modern CSS has features that so many of us have yet to fully explore.

The replies here are a great reference:

I author and have been thinking a lot about many of these features. A couple days ago, that thinking led me to the following poll:

In 2003, Dave Shea began a legendary project called CSS Zen Garden that provided a demonstration of "what can be accomplished through CSS-based design" until submissions stopped in 2013.

The positive response encouraged me to build out the concept for Style Stage.

I will be launching Style Stage in the next few days, so watch for the follow-up!

Call for Contributors

I'm now seeking the first contributors!

Submitting your styles will involve a pull request to the project repo with a publicly available stylesheet URL, and your details including your name and optionally your website and twitter username. Full attribution will be retained with your submission.

Here are the draft guidelines with additional expectations and requirements:

Interested? Send a private message, and I will respond with the preview link on the evening of July 5 (I am in US Central time).

To be one of the first, you will need to be able to return a stylesheet by Wednesday, July 8. Later submissions will be delayed until after launch.

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This is interesting. I'm looking forward to it... Challenging but fanny and useful...

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Jen Chan