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Join my first Twitch live - June 23, 12:15 Central

5t3ph profile image Stephanie Eckles Updated on ・1 min read

Join my new stream to learn about how the ModernCSS.dev logo is constructed!

ModernCSS.dev logo

You'll learn about grid areas and CSS transforms.

The stream will be between 20-30 minutes, depending on audience participation ✨

Tell your friends, and follow for go-live notifications > https://www.twitch.tv/5t3phdev

Update #1 - the stream recording is up.

Update #2 - a slightly edited (particularly to improve audio) version that also won't expire has been posted to my YouTube channel.

Update #3 - three highlights are now available to directly view:

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Stephanie Eckles


Girl Geek, Web Dev (frontend/JS/React) building a design system, teaching a code video series, authoring ModernCSS.dev, egghead instructor, mom to 2 girls


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Hey, I'm starting a new community where devs can have calls with other devs and I was wondering if you could be interested in joining.

I could share the link if it's ok with you.

PS: I only hear you on the left speaker


Cool, that sounds fun! Thanks for the info, I think I found the setting to fix that for next time πŸ’«


Here's the link:


It's just me for now but everyone is welcome to join if they want/can.

No money involved except donations that you could receive from the people you help.


Will you upload the stream somewhere else like youtube?


I will as long as the recording part works πŸ‘


Yes! I've been looking for more front-end development streams and this sounds right up my alley. I'll tune in if I can (and watch the recording, if I can't).


w00t! I think I'll do it again, I can talk forever about CSS, but I managed to forget that lol