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Stephanie Eckles
Stephanie Eckles

Posted on First Birthday Stream + Giveaway

Happy first birthday to! πŸŽ‰

This past year, my life was literally changed thanks to writing the ModernCSS series. And it all started on April 9, 2020 with my breakout article: Keep the Footer at the Bottom: Flexbox vs. Grid​

Thanks to all of you who have supported the series!

Celebration Activities: CSS AMA Stream + Giveaway

I'd love for you to join me today at noon central (check your local time) for a CSS AMA stream over on Twitch. You can ask about a ModernCSS article, or anything else CSS-related! The stream will last about 45 minutes.

countdown until Twitch stream + link to Twitch

Join Twitch stream or watch replay

Birthday Giveaway

I'm also going to be giving away a one-year egghead membership to one lucky person who shares their favorite episode of ModernCSS + a tip they learned. Post on Twitter with the article link and hashtag #ModernCSSBirthday, or drop a comment here if you aren't on Twitter. Links must be posted by Saturday, April 10 at 6 AM Central after which a random winner will be selected.

More To Be Shared...

...over on my Twitter throughout the day, so follow if you aren't already - @5t3ph​

Fresh on ModernCSS: Episode 27

Today we're kicking off the celebration with the newest episode: #27 - Modern CSS Upgrades To Improve Accessibility. I do my best to design accessible tutorials and callout any accessibility specifics. Writing this dedicated article on specific WCAG Success Criteria and how modern CSS helps provide solutions was really important to me to have as part of the series. I hope you learn some new techniques, and get some new resources to help you make the web more accessible!

Psst... there's a bonus new release linked in the tutorial πŸ”

One way to help support my content creation is to buy me a coffee. You can also select mentoring and front-end review options. One Year Stats and Reflections

Over half a million people have read ModernCSS articles in the past year, and the site now averages 60K unique visitors per month. Now the reality is that most of those visits are in and out - a quick scan, maybe a copy/paste, and move on. Over half of visitors make it about half-way through an article, and about 14% at least scroll to the bottom. Of those, only 4.5% are spending time really reading the content and possibly going through the tutorial exercise.

My top articles are pretty consistently led with my 4-part mini-series related for form-field styling, here's part one about radio button styling. After that, folks seem to be interested most in making equal height elements, creating "back-to-top" links, my guide to centering in CSS, and my guide to button styling.

Quick reminder: registration is open for my July CSS workshop in partnership with Smashing Conferences!

Guess what? Someone out there is waiting to hear your unique perspective about a topic that will finally make an idea click or help them solve a problem. DEV is a great place to start writing, particularly using the #todayilearned or #showdev topics if you want to test it out and start small. And if you have a bigger idea, consider pitching it! I've had great experiences working with CSS-Tricks, Smashing Magazine, and egghead - plus they all pay for articles πŸ˜‰

Hope to see you on the stream, and your entries for the giveaway!

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Kisan Bhat

My favorite episode of Modern CSS

I had problems with responsive hero images using the grid. But this episode solved the problem.