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I created a Web Development beginners online course!

After a long few months and a lot of hours of video tutorial creation and editing, I've released my very own online course:

Web Development: Beginners Guide to Basics (HTML, CSS, JS).

I'm a senior software developer, currently specialising in mobile app development where I lead my mobile team in work and have over 8 years experience, so I really wanted to share some knowledge that I've gained and I thought an online course would be perfect.

There are around 30 lectures, 5 quizzes, and a bonus section where I teach responsive CSS with flex, as well as a step by step lecture creating a personal website from scratch.

Each video is split between a presentation slide to explain what topic/aspects we will be covering then the most part is live coding where I show how to put it into practice, explaining in great detail.

I've had around 15 sales already from promoting a bit on my private Facebook group (Web Development for Beginners -1.5k members) and on twitter.

If you'd like to check it out, you can find it here;

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