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Alan Montgomery
Alan Montgomery

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I just started a YouTube on coding tutorials

Nice to meet you all.

I'm Alan - I have around 8 professional years of experience under my belt now. I consider myself a full stack developer but at the moment my full time role is Mobile Team Lead for a leading provider of local government software.

On my day to day I code using ReactJS with the Ionic Framework to create our cross platform mobile apps.

I've always wanted to start a youtube channel, with my own name, and introduce myself as myself, teaching what I know best: to code.

I've just went ahead and got stuck in and put out my first quick coding tutorial on Javascript forEach loops.

Check it here and let me know what you think:
📹 forEach array loop method - Javascript tutorial in under 5 minutes 👈

Foreach in JavaScript

I'd appreciate a like and a comment (and even a sub) to help me get going!

I'm definitely going to continue this little "Mini series" on these very small topics to get my channel off the ground. I plan on covering all types of array methods in JavaScript and maybe some more basic fundamentals aswell. All with the same styled art for thumbnails and the same sort of process. 👏😀

In contrast to that I want to create some videos where I'm coding a real project to give an insight into how I code and give tips throughout the video, for example building a calculator, notes app, etc etc.

I'm also planning on reviewing UI frameworks, CSS frameworks, component libraries etc!

I'm planning on a video per day at the moment 🧙‍♂️


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Arturs Smirnovs

Good luck! :)

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Alan Montgomery

Thank you so much! Appreciate the support! 👏