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Oleksandr Demian
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Quick setup Svelte 3 SPA: svelte3-app


svelte3-app is an npx command for quick setup of your svelte 3 project.

You don't have to install it locally, but be sure you have at least npm@5.2.0 version installed.

Basic usage

npx svelte3-app

The command above will create a svelte project based on the official template configured with Rollup in the folder you run it within.

It offers some customization for your project. For example, you can decide whenever to use Rollup or Webpack as your bundler or to create a project using Sapper.


  • -n -> the name of the project (if empty, the project will be created in the directory it called within, ex: npx svelte3-app -n client)
  • -s -> initialize the project with sapper framework (ex: npx svelte3-app -s, value is not required, but you can pass true right after)
  • -b -> bundler to use (rollup is default, ex: npx svelte3-app -b webpack)


1) Create a svelte 3 project under svelte-rollup folder configured with rollup:

npx svelte3-app -n svelte-rollup

2) Create a svelte 3 project under svelte-webpack folder configured with webpack:

npx svelte3-app -n svelte-webpack -b webpack

3) Create a svelte 3 project under sapper-rollup folder configured with rollup and sapper:

npx svelte3-app -n sapper-rollup -s

4) Create a svelte 3 project under sapper-webpack folder configured with webpack and sapper:

npx svelte3-app -n sapper-webpack -b webpack -s

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