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How to choose good looking fonts for your website

Here is a guideline for choosing good looking fonts for your website or web app. Generally we choose fonts based on how they look to us, what we feel is appropraite, irrespective of fonts personality. The correct way to go about it, is to choose according to the personality of Typeface to which that font belongs, here it goes :-

We have 5 major typefaces in which most fonts can be categorised. Based on the intention of website, we choose fonts whose typeface personality matches with intention of our website.

  1. Serif -

    • Old Style - For Refined, Classical look. Eg. - Restaurants. (Body, Paragraph text).
    • Modern Type - For Fashion, Luxury, Serious, Refined look. - (Headline text)
    • Slab - Mechanical, Strong - (Headline text).
  2. Sans-Serif -

    • Most versatile, cover wide-range of personalities.
    • Can be used for Modern, Serious, Neutal look.
  3. Display -

    • Strong Personality.
    • Used for Big Headline
  4. Script -

    • Based on Handwriting
    • Only Headline text.
  5. Monospace -

    • All letters have equal spacing
    • Readability, Computer code.

These are the personality types one must looke into when choosing fonts for their website.

Do look into fonts About section at the bottom of every fonts page. You will get to know what is the purpose of the font and for what kind of elements the font can be used.

If anyone has any suggestions on improving the article, you are most welcome to leave a message. I will be sharing more tips about fonts, colors and more design related knowledge that every web developer, designer must know. Thanks!

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