Has DEV.to started showing suggestions on who to follow during the signup process?

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Today, I suddenly got 3 new followers, and I'm just wondering why. I noticed none of them have written anything or commented on ay post, so I'm speculating that they're new, and I'm somehow being suggested as a person to follow during their signup. Is thit true? Just curious.

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Yes, that's exactly it. Based on the tags people follow during onboarding we're also suggesting users. To this point the follow action has been a bit of an afterthought, but we're putting more care into it.

We do need to now modify the email system to make sure you don't get too many.

But everyone who follows you makes your posts more valuable so early contributors like you Frederik will be rewarded with a greater reach for your articles and discussions.


I don't mind the flood of emails I've gotten today! :)

Thanks for recommending me.


It's all algorithmic. Thanks for being a top contributor to several tags πŸ˜„

I have just modified the script to batch those emails a bit. The flood of emails will slow down but the flood of followers should persist more or less. I did modify it to be a bit less top-heavy. But it's the kind of algorithm that's really hard to get right. Flying a bit blind as to whether we're really making the ideal choices.

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