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Laptops - what is more important?

_garybell profile image Gary Bell ・1 min read

When buying a laptop/notebook computer there is usually a trade off to be made. Which do you prefer, and why?

  1. Slim and lightweight but unable to upgrade the components
  2. Heavier and larger but you can easily upgrade components

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Mads Hougesen

The thing I care most about is the keyboard. If you are going to be writing thousands of lines of code over the lifespan of the laptop, you might as well buy something comfortable.

Other than that, I prefer slim laptops that I can easily take with me. When I am home I normally use a desktop computer anyways.

_garybell profile image
Gary Bell Author

The hard part of determining comfort for laptops is pretty much the same as for keyboards. There's very few bricks and mortar stores with a good enough selection to try them out.

I exclusively use laptops, for better or worse. Usually on a stand with a couple of extra monitors. But I do use it by itself from time to time.

chadalen profile image
Chad Alen

Well I bought a Macbook so that’s #1. I don’t care about #2 because when I buy a laptop I look for one I think will last more than 5 years. I built a custom gaming desktop in the past and thought I would upgrade it but never did. I always just bought a new computer every 5 years..

_garybell profile image
Gary Bell Author

I have an Asus Zenbook, which was a steal when I bought it. I wasn't doing any complicated development at the time, and saw no need for more than 8GB RAM. I also thought that, because therefore 16GB variants, I'd be able to upgrade. Now I get regular crashes.

I love the lightweight aspect of it, but think I'd like to be able to pay less upfront and upgrade when I need more resource.

It's about finding that right trade off.