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Get Paid To Work On Open Source

Cover: Tianyi Ma (Unsplash)

Hey! I'm the maintainer of neverthrow; one of the more popular implementations of a Result type for the TypeScript ecosystem.

I am trying out a "bounty" program whereby I pay you to fix issues or implement new features.

What Is neverthrow or a "Result Type"?!

For a gentle introduction about what a "Result type" even is, check out my blog post on type-safe error handling in TypeScript.

It's a small library, but dense with advanced concepts:

  • Generics
  • Functional programming and immutability
  • Algebraic Data Types
  • Mapped Types and advanced typescript black magic

Check out the post on GitHub for details on how to participate .

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Shai Almog

I think this might be a bit problematic. I find that incentives are very hard to control. E.g. when you pay someone you instantly disable other incentives like the one that makes you feel good for contributing and the "joy" of coding. It turns into a job.

In fact, I think the proliferation of bounties for security vulnerabilities did a lot of harm. The problem is that once an incentive is offered, even taking it back is difficult e.g. the Haifa kindergarten case from Freakonomics.

_gdelgado profile image

Just an experiment :) I want to incentivize more people to do open source!

aheisleycook profile image

Interestimg I hope this opens more path for us open sourfe