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Improve Productivity as a Developer

Every developer would like to improve thier productivity. Improving Prodictivity is very important not only for developers but also for anyone:students,employees,employers. When following productivity tips, developers find most of those of tips are not practically successful.This article presents the best tips for improving productivity: for developers.
This article is for developers who have failed and currently working quite good.

Analyze Previous Work Schedule

Developers who are low in their productivity, must look back how they did earlier. Tracking and analyzing own work help to have a clear idea of the reasons caused less productivity. This is a very good tip for developers. Use any method to track and analyze. Create a record including time spent working per day, time spent for breaks etc. This will make easier to decide next steps of improving productivity.

Create a TO-Do LIST

This helps to get rid of messing up. Use preferred ways to create lists of own:Meister task, sticky notes etc. Break down a big goal into smaller parts using To-Do list. It is a big help to improve productivity.

Avoid Getting Distracted

Distraction kills productivity. Use methods to keep concentrated such as Baroque Music, nice illustrations, Meditation. This is the heart of improving productivity.

Use Time Managing Methods

Time Managing methods help to get rid of time waste. A developer must be able to manage own time. It leads to improve productivity. here are some time managing methods can be used: POMODORO,2-Minute Rule.It is also important to set a specific time period for a certain task.

Gain Information Day By Day

As a developer reading and gaining new information help to improve productivity than any other tip. Knowledge gives you the best. This helps to enhance skills as well.

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Great post!! Thanks

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Ishini Avindya • Edited

You are welcome aserrno๐Ÿ˜Š