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Andrei Gerasimov
Andrei Gerasimov

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If you lose interest in programming, how do you usually get it back?

Sometimes when I'm procrastinating and feeling that I completely lost interest in coding(temporarily, of course) I usually dive into something related to computers, like cyberpunk games/movies/comics, stuff about hackers and so on, to feel that there's not only the field I'm working within, but the whole world. Also it helps to do something completely different, like getting very deep inside *unix systems.
What's your way to get interest back?

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Mostafa Said

It's hard to lose interest if you keep on creating cool things. Build and share with the community what you have built.

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Andrew Baisden

I stay active on tech Twitter so I don't loose interest. Every day there is fun and interesting content related to programming.

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Muhammad Uzair

That is so real, I would love to hear from community.