What's your favourite side-project?

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You know, that one thing you made for just your own use but is pretty cool.

I'll start: I was pretty annoyed at having to manually update my résumé every month or so. With things like download numbers, it gets outdated pretty fast.

Enter DynamicLaTeX. Auto-updates stuff every day and deployed to Heroku. Pretty nifty, imo.

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🔮 auto update LaTeX documents with the latest numbers and info

DynamicLaTeX 🔮

Your LaTeX document always has the latest numbers when clicked. Originally created for updating LaTeX resumes.

Highly extensible.

📜 Usage

  • Define this new command in your LaTeX document:
  • Wherever you want to format the dynamic variable, use the command as:
  • Add your LaTeX code in resume.tex.

  • In main.py, add the same variable names and updation function to template_values. That's it!

Serve your pdf by running main.py. I've used my name in the endpoints so do change that with your own :)

There are a few updation helper functions provided in updater.py already as well.


I use it to get the latest downloads count for SwagLyrics and SwSpotify then write that so the resume is always up to date Previously, I had to update the download count manually. Now, it's accurate…

What's something you made to automate the boring stuff?

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I'm currently re-building various parts of the frontend stack from scratch. So far I've started on a UI framework and also built a testing library and a module bundler. You can check it out here


Hi when is Part 5 coming out
Really loved the series. An eye opener it is.


Hey - glad you like it. It’s ready, I just need to edit it. Hopefully in the next fortnight.

Thank you. By any chance can we expect something on how Redux works with React and what is RxJs?
I have never been able to understand how these stuff works from inside and your tutorials make sense.
I know this is a lot to ask. But as I said you are a good teacher. :)

Thanks ,


I've been working on a client library to access StackExchange API's and i have published it with 3 interfaces so far. Looking for user feedback for more improvements. Please try it out if you guys are consuming StackExchange API's StackExchange.NET

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I really like automating things. Involved in a bunch of Google programs. http://clashkahznlvpwfg.onion

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