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Question: Will Deno replace NodeJS?

Do you think Deno will replace NodeJS

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Rushan S J

I doubt that deno will replace node.js anytime soon. The main reason is that developers who make websites or maintain them stick with node.js as a backend and migrating 1000+ lines of code is a very time-consuming task. As a result, new websites creators stick with node.js due to the large number packages and all the guys who maintain the website will find node.js easier.

eriklz profile image
Erik Lundevall Zara

I think it has to be a bit more contextual than that.
Deno addresses a number of shortcomings with Node.js and also sacrifices some compatibility in the process. For those that the secure runtime is more important than to have all packages available for the node ecosystem, then Deno may be better - if it is still important to use Typescript or JavaScript in that context.
Others may stick with node if package ecosystem is more important, or go for something else entirely.

I would not be surprised if Deno would be used more in a FaaS context, like AWS Lambda.

aadityasiva profile image
Aadityasiva Author

Umm I actually wrote this to ask the community not to tell about my view

eriklz profile image
Erik Lundevall Zara

But you did state a view :-)

And I agree, Deno will not replace Node.js. New technologies/solutions seldom do that, except in certain scenarios or if they enable new scenarios which were not available before.

Personally, I think Typescript is pretty ok given its heritage and for the things I tend to use Typescript for, I would prefer something like Deno for an ecosystem rather than the current Typescript/JavaScript ecosystem. Currently this is mainly around infrastructure as code and cloud services.

dorshinar profile image
Dor Shinar


As it stands, I don't think Deno brings enough value over Node to compel companies to make the switch, but in a few years it might.

My point is that is really hard to tell what's going to be the next thing after Node, maybe it'll be something completely different?

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Ivan Jeremic

Wasm runtimes

sabarinathansa profile image

Every technology takes time to mature and a community to adopt and grow the ecosystem in enterprises. In the meanwhile NodeJS can also overcome those shortcomings in their future releases

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Ren Hiyama

Nah. Reejs came to eat URL imports feature from Deno and provide it in Nodejs xD

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