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Python program to automate custom telegram chat forwarding


The ultimate tool to automate telegram message forwarding.

You can forward messages from a source chat to a destination chat. You can configure tgcf to do exactly what you need.

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The key features are:

  1. Two modes of operation are past or live for dealing with either existing or upcoming messages.
  2. Supports login with both telegram bot account as well as user account.
  3. Custom filter replace watermark ocr and whatever you need !
  4. Detailed docs 📚 + Video tutorial + Help from community in discussion forum 😎.
  5. If you are a python developer, writing plugins 🔌 is like stealing candy from a baby.

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Video Tutorial đŸ“ē

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Run Locally đŸ”Ĩ

Note: Make sure you have Python 3.8 or above installed.
Go to to download python.

Click on your platform of choice for a more detailed guide.

Platform Supported
Windows ✅
Mac ✅
Linux ✅
Android ✅

If you are familiar with Docker, you may go that way
for an easier life.

Open your terminal and run the following commands.

pip install --upgrade tgcf
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To check if the installation succeeded, run

tgcf --version
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If you see an error, that means installation failed.

Configuration 🛠ī¸

Configuring tgcf is easy. You just need two files in your present directory
(from which tgcf is invoked).

  • .env : To
    define your environment variables easily.

  • tgcf.config.yml :
    An yaml file to configure how tgcf behaves.

Start tgcf ✨

In your terminal, just run tgcf live or tgcf past to start tgcf.
It will prompt you to enter your phone no. or bot token, when you run it
for the first time.

For more details run tgcf --help or read docs.

Run on Cloud 🌩ī¸

Deploying to a cloud server is an easier alternative if you cannot install
on your own machine.
Cloud servers are very reliable and great for running tgcf in live mode
for a long time.

Platform Pros Cons
Deploy to Heroku free for 450 hr/mo can't use tgcf in past mode
Deploy to DO speed and reliability starts from $5/mo
Run on Gitpod easily edit config file only 50 hr/mo free

Other options

Getting Help 💁đŸģ

Contributing 🙏

PRs most welcome! Read the contributing guidelines to get started.

Also read:

If you are not a developer, you may also contribute financially to
incentivise the development of any custom feature you need.

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