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Aakash Sharma
Aakash Sharma

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Suggest some project ideas..

I have learned and applied NodeJS, ExpressJs and MongoDB in building a simple video rental application.
It involves basic CRUD operaions and also includes user authorization and authentication using JsonWebTokens(JWTs).

Currently learning SQL and PostgreSQL. What other skills should I get familiar with to become a better backend developer?

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Martin Pagels

You could take a look into Docker and learn about Continious Integration and Continious Delivery.

And if you not learned git to this point. Do this first. ;-)

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Build a website or android application which can take anonymous reviews for any topic that people want to share their view upon and only the creater get's the access to view all of them without any identity.

It would be very useful for people who want to know views of people and people who don't want their identity to be revealed .

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Conner Ow

Something I wanted to make but never had the time or dilligence to do is make a website to help developers with personal branding.

For example, if a designer comes up with a unique name and logo, he can upload it to the site and let someone use that.

I'm a little lazy to make something like that, but yeah if you need an idea, that's what I have for ya.

Otherwise, I guess maybe you could just make an authentication system with Express, Mongo, and any frontend of your choice.

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Nik F P

I have a book to recommend:

"Distributed systems with Node.js" By Thomas Hunter II.

It is an excellent tour through many of the concepts you will need moving forward, such as Service Level Objectives, Resiliency, Observability, Scaling, Containers, and Security. I have a small library going of Programming related books, but this one is on perpetual repeat on the reading list.

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Thierry Poinot

Try to create a simple service that provide a chat (using to visitor of a website, with private chat with admin and public room to discuss with others.
Save chats in database if admin is not online to allow him to see the message later

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Gabriel Pedroza

I'd say if you already know git and use github, just start honing in on your current knowledge to really build a strong foundation.

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Deepak Yadav

video calling web app