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Getting Puppeteer working on Lambda.

Very frustrating slight echo in this video. Sorry!

Puppeteer on Lambda. Can it be done? Yes! I ended up using the chrome-aws-lambda package. It was still over the 50MB limit so I discovered that that limit does not apply when uploading from S3.

So I think the final workflow will be, upload to S3 and have that trigger an event to update the Lambda code.


After the video update. I was able to get it uploaded to s3 and then update the Lambda code all with one command. Here’s my package.json script:

"sendToLambda": "npm run zip && aws s3 cp s3://puppeteer-lambda-jordan && aws lambda update-function-code --function-name puppeteerTest --s3-bucket puppeteer-lambda-jordan --s3-key"
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