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Getting Puppeteer working on Lambda.

aarmora profile image Jordan Hansen Originally published at on ・1 min read

Very frustrating slight echo in this video. Sorry!

Puppeteer on Lambda. Can it be done? Yes! I ended up using the chrome-aws-lambda package. It was still over the 50MB limit so I discovered that that limit does not apply when uploading from S3.

So I think the final workflow will be, upload to S3 and have that trigger an event to update the Lambda code.


After the video update. I was able to get it uploaded to s3 and then update the Lambda code all with one command. Here’s my package.json script:

"sendToLambda": "npm run zip && aws s3 cp s3://puppeteer-lambda-jordan && aws lambda update-function-code --function-name puppeteerTest --s3-bucket puppeteer-lambda-jordan --s3-key"
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