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Using Puppeteer with a proxy

Jordan Hansen
Software engineer and javascript lover. I love the power of the web and getting the data from it with web scraping.
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Sample code here

This shows how to use Puppeteer with a proxy using both Luminati and Proxycrawl.

Video guide:

Luminati is a more intense solution that requires a bit more to get set up. They even do a business verification before they’ll allow you to use some of their features. It is the main solution I use for proxies.

Documentation on using Luminati with Puppeteer –

Proxycrawl is definitely the easiest solution. It’s going to be a bit slower but you can get up and going in probably about 60 seconds.

Note: I realized right after I ended the video that I wasn’t ever executing the Proxycrawl function. I did run it after I ended, though, and it worked great.

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Sign up for Proxycrawl here –

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