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What I've learnt in the past 2 years in the job and in life.

So I've been in the industry for almost 2 years! I love coding and have done for years.

I have learnt a lot in my time from actually developing websites in WordPress to creating a meet up for junior web develops (WebJnr).

But through all the companies I've been involved in here are some of the most of valuable lessons I have learnt;

Always develop yourself

Web development is one of most crucial parts of any developers career progression, not in terms of money or career progression. But can help you build more beautiful and amazing websites.

Look after #1

Your mental, physical and digital health needs to be your number one priority, it's okay not to feel good that day, but extra steps can help you feel more relaxed. I was diagnosed with Imposter Syndrome last year and had to rapidly teach myself that I am accomplishing a-lot everyday, sometimes it may not be big achievements sometimes it is only small steps.

Don't be a YES person

This has been something I have always done. For example being asked to do a project outside of hours and expect no gratitude for doing/ completing it. I have learnt not to say yes to every little thing and make sure the job is done correctly and that is of high quality.

Keep people who respect you close.

In the agency I work with now, I have earned respect and have made some great professional and personal relationships. Which is something I have never had before and for this, has helped my mental health and think more clearly about certain people and traits.


Last but not least (I could go on forever), don't pretend to be someone you're not, just be yourself. For me that's be one of the guys, having a laugh whilst producing high quality and efficient code.


Why am I writing this? I writing this because, the past 7/8 years in my life have been difficult and if one person reads this and makes a difference in their life. I feel then I have given someone comfort, understanding and strength from what I have written.

This is something hard for me write about, but I don't need to hide anymore!

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