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How much of a life should I have as a student?

aaronc profile image Aaron Canty ・1 min read

I must preface this with, nobody really has a life at the moment but in general:

What should my day look like if I'm doing software development?

Study and that's it?

Should I be pulling apart code all day?

Am I supposed to be at this stuff from morning 'til night?

Not complaining, just genuinely curious 😂

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erica (she/her)

You should definitely make sure you have some time to yourself outside of coding and other responsibilities! Only you know how much time is enough to budget to get through your classes. Outside of that, don't overload yourself with recreational coding - burnout happens to the best of us. Pretty much ever advice article out there makes a point to take breaks, and plenty of them, and for good reason!

Balance is the most important thing you should aim for. If you're consistently spending most of your waking time in front of an IDE, take some time to build out a bit of a schedule or have a system that helps you break up the coding time.

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Tamerlan Gudabayev

I guess just have balance, there's no need to spend 8 hours a day coding/studying.