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The Video: Using ReactFire with Ionic Framework & Capacitor

This is a continuation of the previous post I did on ReactFire and Ionic Framework with ReactJS which is available here:

In video we walk through

  • Explaining the authentication routing for public and private routes.
  • Use of the ReactFire Hooks and Components
  • Creating an account using ReactFire
  • Adding items to a collection with ReactFire

Ionic ReactJS

We also spend some time discussing the using of common Ionic ReactJS Components, Alerts, Modals.

Ionic Web Apps, Mobile Apps

The application source code has been tested to run not only as a website buta mobile application on IOS and Android using Ionic Capacitor

Full Source Code Available



Last Updated 8/16/2020

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Sample project motivated by video by David East on Reactfire

Saves The Following Data Structure

I am starting to integrated typescript into my examples since I am seeing questions about types popping up in the forums. The IModalData is the structure of the data that is written toโ€ฆ

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