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[Video] Using React Hook Form Field Array in a Modal Form


Create an "Objective" that has subtasks that are required to complete the Objective. Use React Hook Form fields Array functionality to create and Ionic Framework React Components to create a component for a modal form to capture the data.

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Whats Covered In The Video

► 1:56 Coding Starts - creating a form with dynamic list items
► 9:38 Passing the form’s data back to parent in a structured object using react hook form
► 13:36 Creating a reusable component, passing properties and calling functions for success in parent component
► 18:07 Going All in with React Hook Form for all input fields
► 21:45 Using Ionic React Components for styling
► 26:24 Deleting Items from the form array
► 27:29 Adding ids to subtasks in the array using an hidden input field
► 29:40 Wrap up

The Video

Source Code

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