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Getting Started Learning Docker

Docker is a really useful tool in ones toolbox but when you're first trying to get started in understanding its role it can be quite hard, there's so many new terms to learn, different technologies that fit around the edge of the ecosystem and a lot of content focuses on the advanced (and very useful) applications of it.

But what do you do when you're first getting started? I found myself in that situation when I was consulting to a company so I decided to put together a talk that covers everything from the basics up to some common use cases.

I gave this talk last week as part of the Microsoft Reactor virtual programming and you'll find it online.

There's also a companion workshop that you can follow along with on my GitHub. Happy containerising!

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Eng Soon Cheah

I had try to deploy web to Windows Azure Container, but how to continue with AKs?

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Aaron Powell

Azure Kubernetes Service, AKS, is a managed Kubernetes cluster, which will require a lot more than I cover in that talk above and may also be more than you need if you're just looking to deploy a web application.

There are other alternatives in Azure for running containers, there's Azure Container Instances (ACI) which is kind of like serverless for containers as you can do on-demand container creation to meet a workloads demands. ACI is more commonly used for batch processing than web applications, but you can run web applications using ACI. Then you have Web Apps for Containers which is part of the AppService family and is targeting running a web application from a container in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model. With Web Apps for Containers you point the App Service at a container registry (docker hub, Azure Container Registry, etc.) and tell it the container tag to use and it'll take care of the rest.

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Muhammad Azeez

How did you add "Originally published at" to this article? What's the front matter variable name?