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My Experience Using Flutter Web?

On March 3, 2021, with the launch of Flutter 2.0 Flutter team officially launched the stable version of Flutter Web. Every flutter fan's and critic's eye was on this launch, including me. I did not jump on the flutter web train immediately, but I waited two months to start my experimentation.

And I would say anything else but use the word disappointment. In my eyes, it didn't deliver on what I expected. They could have done better, but I made myself believe that the web was not the goal of Flutter. It had always been mobile.

What discouraged me from using it?

It was the high loading time when starting the app on chrome for the first time. Hot Reload worked very well, but Hot Restart was not perfect. And when I searched the web for the solution, I was unable to find a satisfactory result.

There is one thing which I would like to mention. I had no prior knowledge of web development before trying flutter web. That may have caused me such chaos.

And in the end, after contacting many lead developers, I tried using loader animation. The way to implement that is to add that in the index.html file. I overcame that problem, but still, I believe that there is no proper method to optimize your flutter web app for search engines. That in itself is a considerable drawback as of right now.

So do I recommend Flutter Web?

As of right now, NO. But having a look at the pace of updates by the Flutter Team, I see a bright future for Flutter Web and the Flutter framework itself.

And I positively stand by my point that Flutter is the next big thing. Or Flutter is the beast but still in development.

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I feel the same way, it's not there yet, but will be soon enough. Flutter web is really new as of now, I guess in a year or less we might be able to start using it!