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Why Flutter?

Why Flutter?
With an experience of almost three years, I feel that I have enough knowledge to make a case here.

If you are in a bit hurry, here is the summary: Just because flutter is outstanding.

For those who are here to read, let me elaborate on my point.

Flutter is a cross-platform development framework and uses Dart. Both of these are projects of Google, but flutter is open-source.

Let's have an experiment, go on to YouTube and search for "Why you should not use flutter?". You will find a ton of videos, often old which will be comparing flutter to the ReactNative. But, react is double the age of flutter. But this is not a comparison blog. It is a blog to convince you why you should choose flutter for your next project, and I am very hopeful that I will succeed.


Flutter apps are highly efficient. If not more than exactly like native apps. When you compile your flutter code, it's converted to the native code of that specific platform which gives it an edge over other frameworks.

Hot Reload:

If I would have to name a feature that makes flutter a winner in cross-platform space, it will be Hot Reload. I can not emphasize it enough, but when you are developing a project the difference it makes is gigantic. And in 95% of cases, it works like a breeze.

Single Codebase For Everything:

In general, if you develop an app for iOS and Android, you have to maintain two codebases. But that is not the case with flutter. When you have only one codebase it can slash your maintenance costs and can increase your efficiency. Alongside that, the other very big plus for a single code base is collaboration.

These are not all the points, but you get an idea why it's a better choice than going towards the native route.
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Thanks for the insightful overview.