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Starting my App Startup Journey!

Hi, welcome to my blog. It will hopefully be one of many blogs to come in the future. It is all about the project, which I will build from the ground up. In my Flutter mobile app development career of over two years, I have developed 50+ apps. But there's something different for me this time.

This time I will not be building an app for my client. But I will be developing it for myself.

General Idea

Uptime - A productivity App

Uptime is an app that will focus on productivity. It will be implementing the Pomodoro productivity technique with schedule features.

The point of this app will be its beautiful user interface. It will have a minimal layout and smooth animations.

Current Status

Currently, I have finalized the UI along the side of the architecture, but I still haven't started the development.


I am giving myself 30 days from starting from today to build the app and publish it on both google play store and Apple AppStore.

Why get public before release?

I am sharing my story with people who want to see a developer like them start an app from scratch. Alongside that, I also want to document my journey and look at it in the future.


I will be writing one or two blogs every day regarding this project, so I would recommend you to follow me to stay updated.

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