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Need advice to create e-commerce website and application with python and react

Aayushi Sharma
Machine Learning Student.
・1 min read

Hey follow Developers,

I want to create e-commerce website and application for a client. It will include all services including recommendation system.

I am quite good in Python, Django and some basic react.

I want to use Django rest framework in backend and React website frontend and react-native for mobile-application.

Is It a Good idea to create e-commerce app and website like this. or I should use flutter or something else. I want to use python only so I can use my machine learning models with Django.

Thanks for Your Suggestions.

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Akshat Soni

If you are using react in your website then definitely u can easily go for react native because react and react native use same language code base and styles even most of libraries are also same so if u opt for react then definitely u can think of going with react native

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Using Django and React for E-commerce website is a good idea.

But I am not sure about Mobile application using React-Native.

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Aayushi Sharma Author

Thanks for feedback

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Strive Digi tech

Why not try wordpress

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Aayushi Sharma Author • Edited

I will Recommendation model that will work with Python. It will Have database, server processing for recommendation that not possible with wordpress.