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Top 10 Useful GitHub Browser Extensions

There are many types of addiction, but addiction to GitHub is a unique and interesting one. Although GitHub is a great tool for developers, using extensions to increase your productivity is greater. Let's get started with the extensions that I'm using.

1. Octotree

It shows a side panel to enhance code review and exploration. Here, it is easy to navigate between the files and folders of the repository.
Octotree extension

2. Enhanced GitHub

  • It displays :
    • The whole repository size and each file size
    • Download link

Enhanced GitHub screenshot0

  • You can copy file content directly to the clipboard.

Enhanced GitHub screenshot1

3. GitHub Code Folding

It enables code folding in GitHub.
Code Folding extension screenshot

4. Sourcegraph

It makes you go to definition & find references (currently for Go, Java, TypeScript, JavaScript, and Python).
Sourcegraph extension screenshot

5. Notifications Preview for GitHub

This extension makes you :

  • Show the count of notifications on the bell icon
  • Preview the unread notifications using pop-overs on hover
  • Allow to perform actions like marking as read and unsubscribing on the notifications.

Notification extension screenshot

6. File Icons for GitHub and GitLab

It gives you different file icons in GitHub or GitLab.
File Icons screenshot

7. OctoLinker

It makes navigating through the code more efficient by turning language-specific statements like include, require or import into clickable links.
OctoLinker extension screenshot

8. GitHub Isometric Contributions

It allows you to toggle between the normal GitHub contribution chart and an isometric pixel art version.

2D Chart

normal chart

3D Chart

3D chart

9. GIFs for GitHub

It makes it easier to search GIPHY and add a GIF into any GitHub comment box.
GIFs extension screenshot

10. Refined GitHub

This extension has a lot of features like :

  • Making whitespace characters visible white space
  • Adding one-click merge conflict fixers one-click merge conflict
  • Adding reaction avatars showing who reacted to a comment reaction avatars
  • Letting you hide every event except comments or unresolved comments in issues and PRs hide every event
  • Linking issue/PR references and URLs in code and conversation titles Linkifing issue/PR references and URLs
  • Adding the option to wait for checks when merging a PR
  • Adding a button to revert all the changes to a file in a PR.


I tried to show some useful GitHub extensions that I know. There are a lot of other extensions you can use to enhance your experience. If you want to explore other awesome GitHub extensions, you can check this link.

Which GitHub extension do you like more? Let me know!

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Very Useful

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Abdallah Ahmed

This is a very useful article. Thanks for sharing :)

abanoub7asaad profile image
Abanoub Asaad

Thank you and I'm glad to hear that!

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Pedro Miranda

Good stuff!

Also would like to recommend which adds a button to view the source in a VS Code front end from inside the browser

abanoub7asaad profile image
Abanoub Asaad

Thank you! I will check it out.