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Abdallah Mohammed
Abdallah Mohammed

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I made my first open source project


The Home of your Music

🙉 What is Rhyme ?

Rhyme is a music player which allows the user to play their music with a simple and good looking user interface,
rhyme can play multiple type of files like .mp3, .m4a, .webm, .flac, .wav, .aac, .ogg and .opus.
A theme manager has been implemented so that you can customize the colors of the app the way you want the theme store, theme maker, and the way to change themes is still not implemented

💡 Want a feature or idea to be added ?

Open an issue here at github giving details of the request. if the feature seems appropriate and legal we will implement.

📦 Install

For instructions to install rhyme click on your os

For instructions to compile or contribute to the app click here

🤔 Questions

If you want to ask any questions about the project, join us on our public Matrix channel at

If you are trying out Rhyme and you encounter an error or any problem feel free to just open an issue here on GitHub.

👏 Supporters

Stargazers repo roster for @Rhyme-Player/Rhyme

Forkers repo roster for @Rhyme-Player/Rhyme

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Trương Hoàng Ngọc Lâm

“Rhyme” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified

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Abdallah Mohammed

Can U send a screenshot

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Abdallah Mohammed

Please give me review here or on github if you try it, I would really appreciate that\