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How to automate website creation with minimal coding?

abdu profile image abdullah ・1 min read

Hi everyone,

I am trying to figure out how to automate website creation with little or no-code. I have some experience with WordPress, and recently I came across JAMstack and static site generators used with modern CMS. My coding experience is limited so I would prefer something that I could get up and running with minimal coding.

If I understood correctly, I have to use a CMS to handle data, a SSG to create the HTML, and of course hosting to serve the page on web. But things still don't click in my head. How to pick the tech (HUGO, Strapi, Gatsby, Publii etc), how to automate the process, how to feed the system with themes, what else is needed if any...

Can you please explain/show broadly or in detail how such system look like? Diagrams, text, a url to where this is already explained... Everything is welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you.

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Stephanie Morillo

Hi Abdullah,

In addition to WordPress there are other site builders and no-code or low-code platforms; it really depends on your goals. These include Ghost CMS, Webflow, Wix, Squarespace, among others.

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abdullah Author

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for the reply. I am aware of these services but they are expensive for my purpose. Ghost can be self hosted too I guess. I will check it in detail.

My goal is to build a cheaper and faster (building & serving) service. Not for general use, but for myself.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

You might need two layers, where WordPress do this together.

  • headless-CMS layer, which is actually one-foldered in Jekyll.
  • frontend layer, where you need to tackle not only HTML/CSS/JS, but also template engine or SPA, anyway.

You might eventually notice, that WordPress can also act as a headless CMS... ( also.)

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abdullah Author

Thanks for the reply.

I didn't know you could use WordPress as headless CMS. Besides getting this work, of course one need a good selection of themes. WordPress is very strong in this sense.

Any ideas how to automate website creation? User inputs the content, selects a theme, adds his domain, and her/his site goes live with a push of a button.

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Take a look at Yii frameworks Gii tool, which can generate complete CRUD based on database tables.

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abdullah Author

Thanks, I will look into them.