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Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

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How to run Linux-only Python projects on windows using git mingw bash

Linux owners configure makefiles so as to have easy commands to perform operations such as make dependencies to pip install required packages. Here are the dry simple steps to run makefiles in Python projects on Windows.

  • Download git for windows. You should get git bash, git gui etc

  • Download the mingw GUI setup. Install it wherever you want. After running the setup you should get a screen like that:

Alt Text

  • On continuing you should get under all packages. Search for make, class bin. Right click and select mark for installation

Alt Text

  • Under installation, select apply changes

Alt Text

  • Confirm by clicking on apply

Alt Text

  • My git for windows' migw is installed at C:\Program Files\Git\mingw32 and my mingw get is installed at C:\MinGW. We need to merge the contents on the mingw32 folder with the MinGW. Ctrl+a to select all folder in MinGW then right click and copy. Then go to mingw32 folder and click paste. When asking is merge, say yes. If same files skip

  • Verify if there is venv/ in project gitignore. If not add it and reapply gitignore by using the following command (see accepted answer)

  • create a new virtual environent.

python -m venv venv
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  • activate the env
cd venv
cd scripts
. activate
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note the space between . and activate

  • cd back cd ../..

now try out any command listed here for example make dependencies

Forgot to say under bin rename mingw-get.exe to make.exe

Anything mail me arj.python at gmail dot com

This is something crazily powerful!

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