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Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

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Metabob, a Github tool for your Python repos

Metabob is a research project aimed at helping open source coders. It's actually a research project with enthusiastic individuals, fine folks i should say.

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You use the install button to setup on all or some repos then after you log in. You will be presented with this screen

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You will see your selected repos in here. Once you click you are presented with the analysis view from where you can also switch branches

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It's pretty intuitive i'd say where you can browse a list of issues:

Alt Text

or switch to the wheel view to view calls

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How is it different?

  • It's like a linter (the errors part, not style) + auditing tool combined
  • It integrates machine learning and has been trained
  • It lets users train the system even further

An evaluation of reviews.

It catches some nice security issues like hard-coded secrets and a host more. It also fails in few places where the context should be taken into consideration.

It's a must i'd say if you want to polish your open-source projects

It's certainly more friendly than commandline logs from Travis. It'd say if you want checks and reviews it's great. You can also help it become better by classifying the problems. You'd also be helping the benevolent devs behind it

Try it guys, it's ... free!

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