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Anthony Beckford🚀
I'm a self taught developer at 30. I tweet about my journey learning Software Development and will be providing the resources I've used along the way to hopefully help others.
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My name is Anthony and I have been in the tech industry for about 5 years now. Since the past year or so I've been very interested in the Cloud Computing space but the problem was I couldn't find any resources to learn. It wasn't until a few months ago on Twitter that I learned about a website called Last month they started a Cloud-Native DevOps Bootcamp which is a series of 10 livestream videos that covers topics like Azure and AWS, scripting using PowerShell and Python, Infrastructure as Code, Containerization and some other DevOps and cloud toolsets.

I have decided to jump into the series because I have a big interest in DevOps/SRE. While I do have some experience with Python and AWS, I have no experience with PowerShell, or Azure and so this was my opportunity to dive deep into those areas

Week 1 Discussion:

The first week discussion covered some basic DevOps tools. They ranged from Cloud Computing, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Delivery, CLI, Version Control and even some Security tools as well.

Michael recommended some books to read which are:

  1. The Phoenix Project
  2. The DevOps Handbook
  3. Accelerate
  4. The Unicorn Project

Week 1 Projects:

  1. Creating a GitHub account: Fortunately I already have an account but it was a really good overview on how to create a new account

  2. Setting up your first Azure environment: This was my first time setting up an Azure environment but it was pretty straightforward so I'm excited to do some project in Azure.

  3. Setting up your first AWS environment: I also already have an AWS free tier environment set up but looking forward to deep diving in some more projects in AWS.

  4. Setting up your first GitHub Actions: Michael was showing a brief exampled of how to set up GitHub Actions. We will be going over more of this later on in the Bootcamp

I'm looking forward to learning more about the Cloud world and I cant wait to share more with you all!

Check out my Github:

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