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My Top 10 sessions from Microsoft Build 2020

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This year, Microsoft Build was delivered in a new way: 48-hours of non-stop developer goodness, streamed online! With so many amazing sessions to choose from, here are my top 10 picks (in no particular order) from Build 2020


Keynote: Every developer is welcome, with Scott Hanselman and guests

Absolutely loved the nerdy keynote where "Scott Hanselman calls on a number of his friends to explore the modern developer toolkit for every developer with GitHub, Visual Studio, Windows and much more."

Making every developer and team more productive from dev box setup to coding to deployment and debugging

Amanda Silver highlights new features that will impact every developer. How you can onboard new developers faster, collaborate with remote team members across the globe, learn from the wisdom of the community as you code, and quickly iterate on your applications.

Intro to Rust

Meaghan Lewis introduces Rust with a nice live coding session and answers lots of questions!

Mark Russinovich on Azure innovation and more!

Seth Juarez and Mark Russinovich discuss Azure innovation, cloud native programming models, and other exciting technology.

Build, integrate & scale with event-driven apps

Jeff Hollan talks about how to build scalable, cost-effective event-driven apps. He demonstrates how to get started with Serverless Functions, integrate with other services, and scale APIs without managing infrastructure.

Modern Java for cloud developers

Martijn Verburg covers advancements in the Java language/platform, improvements in the remote developer productivity, Java's reduction in resource consumption, and Azure’s Java investments!

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Check out Azure for Java developer documentation

Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr)

Dapr is an event-driven portable programming model that makes it easy to build resilient microservice applications across languages and frameworks. I have been working with Dapr for sometime now and would highly recommend checking out this one to get peek into "the future of building cloud native apps."

Be sure to check out some of other Dapr blogs e.g. Using Kafka with Dapr on Kubernetes

The History of Visual Studio Code

Asim Hussain and Simona Cotin speak to Erich Gama, the creator of Visual Studio Code about the early challenges to now becoming the most popular development environment in the world.

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What developers are doing with Postgres & MySQL on Azure

Learn how developers are architecting applications on Postgres & MySQL open source databases on Azure—for use cases like e-commerce, web content, time series data, real-time analytics, & multi-tenant SaaS

Bringing Kubernetes best practices to everyone

Sean McKenna covers how to use built-in guardrails in Azure Kubernetes Service to diagnose and solve issues, get proactive operational recommendations through the Azure Advisor on best-practices and get security recommendations through Azure Security Center to ensure your applications are running smoothly.

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