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Bit String

Hello there!!!! Hope you all doing great.

Today i'm going to write article on bit string i.e. bit representation of sets. Hope you will like it. So why we are waiting lets get started.

If we go through a example then we have to easy to understand bit string. So let's take a set X={0,1,2,3} so now if we have a set like set S={0,1} then here we can see both 0 and 1 is present on set X so bit string will be 11.Let's take another one if the element is not present in set e.g. set Z={1,4} so bit string will be 10.

Now come to main point.

From above example we can conclude that if a element is found inside the set then bit string will 1 otherwise 0. That's all about .

Hope you like it . See you in next article .

Good luck and happy coding.

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