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Recently I wrote an article on Detecting Blood on Face using Python, TensorFlow and OpenCV.

Here is a link to part-2 of the same article where I have made a Web application of the same project using the Streamlit in Python.

The application works fine with both images and in real-time as seen in the video below.

Link to source code: https://github.com/abhiwalia15/Face-Classification-into-Blood-No-Blood

Link to part-1 of this article: https://medium.com/ai-in-plain-english/blood-face-detector-in-python-part-1-machine-learning-and-deep-learning-classification-project-74aba7067e50

Here is the link to the article: https://waliamrinal.medium.com/blood-face-detector-in-python-part-2-building-a-web-application-using-streamlit-in-python-3ff3bde74fe7

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