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Challenges faced by open source projects in 2022

Open-source community platforms have become so successful not primarily for cost reasons but because of decentralization, speedy development cycles, and availability to everyone. Many people rely on open-source software in one way or another, and numerous people see the benefits of open source from a distinct viewpoint.

However, open-source has had a more profound impression on people, culture, and our society. Open-source software and monetization dynamics have changed drastically, transforming how products and services are developed and delivered.

Today's article will discuss some of the significant problems with the modern trend in open-source development and present you with solutions to mitigate them. Let's look into some basics of open-source software before we get started.

What is Open-Source?

Open Source software, for most of us, is free software to just save a few bucks. People just Google for something like "free photo editing software" and are glad to get something free suited to their needs. But Open Source is much more than that. Open source is just not free software. It is the software with which you have the freedom to change the source code of the Open Source software. This is the greatness of the Open Source Movement. The Open Source movement is about letting the software evolve, grow with people from all over the world contributing to the software rather than keeping the code restricted to a few developers.

For some of us, it would sound alien. Why would anyone work on something and then give it away for FREE? Whether to make the source code open for a software definitely lies with the software developer, but that is essentially a secondary issue. The most important fact is that Open Source is not only free. It's the freedom to evolve and to create.

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