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Supercharge Whatsapp™ Web with hotkeys and a dark theme 🚀

When switching between slack and Whatsapp, @rheaditi and I have found ourselves trying to use slack hotkeys to do things on Whatsapp Web way too often.

Introducing refined-whatsapp, a chrome extension that we built for ourselves and others like us. This extension adds:

  • ⚡️ Hotkeys:
    • Start a new chat with: "Cmd/Ctrl + K"
    • Temporarily hide current chat with: "Cmd/Ctrl + L"
    • Show/hide the Chats Sidebar with: "Cmd/Ctrl + \"
    • Search through messages with: "Ctrl + Space"
    • View chat info with: "Cmd/Ctrl + I"
  • 🌚 Dark mode for Whatsapp™ Web!

The extension is available to download on the Chrome Web Store.

Check out our twitter post, which has a video 🎬 to see these hotkeys in action!

The code is open source! If you find any issues / have ideas, do feel free to report them on Github or raise a PR if you wish to contribute!

GitHub logo campvanilla / refined-whatsapp

Supercharge Whatsapp Web with hotkeys and custom themes! 🚀


Supercharge Whatsapp™ Web with hotkeys and a dark theme 🚀


Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Hotkey
Start a new chat / Quick search ⌘ Command + K or Ctrl + K
Show/hide current chats ⌘ Command + L or Ctrl + L
Show/hide chat sidebar ⌘ Command + \ or Ctrl + \
Show/hide chat info ⌘ Command + I or Ctrl + I
Search messages in chat ⌃ Ctrl + Space

Dark Mode


local setup

If you'd like to try this extension out before a stable release:-

  1. Setup the repo:
# clone the repo
$ git clone
$ cd refined-whatsapp
# install && build
$ npm install && npm run build
# take note of the output directory, it'll be /path/to/refined-whatsapp/dist
  1. Head over to chrome://extensions/
  2. Select "load unpacked" & load the "dist" directory from above.
  3. Head over to & check out the features! 💰

If you want to…

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