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My crappy Thoughts about Programming

All programming ideas or implementations came from real-life solutions or problems. And that makes programming more than just coding.
It takes detailed observation of everything. Because understanding and realizing existing solutions or problems are the most important part of programming.

For Example:
We know about JWT(JSON Web Token) right?
Did we have seen this idea and the implementation before somewhere else? Yes, we all know this. In fact, we all have gone through this several times.
=> When we go to a service center, at first they give us a ticket/token. Then we go to the service provider and give our ticket/token, if the ticket is not fake then they provide expected services.
Another example is Design Patterns. All design Patterns are also inspired by real-life solutions.

The idea of implementation has to come from real life. That's why observing life, understanding existing solutions and problems are the most important part of programming.

The funny thing is - we all know these things. But very few among us truly realize these things and also have the ability of execution.

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