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Keramot UL Islam
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New Year gift for DevCommunity and WordPress users

About a month ago I started writing on DevCommunity. As a developer, I found DevCommunity like home. Developers from different backgrounds are sharing their works, ideas, and thoughts. It's just full of joy here.

I was thinking that DevCommunity users may also have WordPress sites. How they'll showcase their DEV articles on WordPress site?

So, I've created a WordPress plugin a few days ago, so that you can showcase your DevCommunity articles on your WordPress site.
Actually, It was a small try from my site to make a bridge between DevCommunity and WordPress.

If you are a WordPress user you already know about shortcodes. This plugin works with a shortcode. [dev_post user_name=dev-user-name] this simple shortcode will show all your DevCommunity articles on WordPress site.

Of course, you'll have more control over it. You can show as many articles as you want by adding post_count=3 in the shortcode.

If you want two columns grid layout, you also can do that.

You can download the plugin from WordPress plugin repo DevTo articles on WP.
You also can download it from Github

Enjoy your holidays. Happy New Year 2020

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shadid12 profile image
Shadid Haque

good one would love to see more articles like this one

abmsourav profile image
Keramot UL Islam

Sure, Man. :)

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