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I'm working on a free design course for non-designers

Hey everyone! About a month back, I started posting videos on my channel to teach UI/UX design to folks looking to start their career or pick up design as an additional skill. I've made about 16 videos so far, and have identified my audience as

  • Developers who want to learn design
  • Students who want to get into design
  • Designers who want to improve their craft/business skills

Some videos I've put out already:

I wanted some feedback on what kind of stuff I should post more of. Some ideas I had:

  • Full tutorial/case study of designing an app from scratch
  • Full tutorial/case study of designing a website from scratch
  • Design reviews, where I ask you for submissions and help you improve
  • Portfolio reviews, where I give you feedback on your portfolio

I've also put down some ideas in a Google doc, you can check it out here.

Any suggestions? Do subscribe on YouTube if this is something that interests you!

PS: Hello everyone! This is my first post ever on

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