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Getting started with frelancing - Top sites to land you good paying freelance job

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Here are list of sites which would help you land good paying jobs as a freelancer,i have used most of this sites and their really good for getting jobs, all you need is to set up a good profile and portfolio, let's get started.

Angel list - They feature jobs from companies and it's a good place to start your journey as a freelance developer

working nomads -
Job posting are mostly tech related

we work remotely -
With this website you could get quick job opportunities but job listing are not up to other site

jobpresso -
Only Remote jobs are listed on here

remote -
It gives you futures which allows you search on any job type and it's also easy to get freelance jobs

GitHub jobs - Github has a job board and the listings are basically development because Guthub it self is used mostly by developers to share their code.

just remote -
Gives the opportunity for developers to get their perfect role

pangian -
It's a good place for developers to get jobs and you could also join their community

remote ok - has the feature of filtering by experience and mostly development gigs are posted here,it's a good place to get remote jobs

Remotive -
It's a good place to get development gig.

outsourqely -
It connects remote workers with employers seeking for full-time and part-time employees

Other websites like https://upwork.com , https://fiverr.com, https://indeed.com,
https://freelancermap.com are also good websites to get started with.

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